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Working to Engineer a Better World

The IET has joined forces with ITN Productions to make an online news programme to promote greater understanding of the role engineering plays in our society and economy.

Natasha Kaplinsky presents the programme, 'Working to Engineer a Better World', which features many different faces of engineering in the 21st Century – demonstrating how important engineering and technology have become to our everyday lives.

Featuring organisations such as Royal Mail, the British Army and Nestle, the programme celebrates innovative engineering and technology organisations and could be used as part of careers activities to inspire young people to pursue engineering careers.



Royal Mail


Imperial College London




British Army


Roma Agrawal - Structural engineer, The Shard


To view all of the videos within this collection please visit the IET You Tube channel.

The IET recently launched their ‘Engineer a Better World’ campaign, which aims to tell parents and children, particularly girls, about the diverse range of creative, exciting and challenging careers in modern engineering. Watch the video and join the Twitter conversation @TheIET #LittleEngineers