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Engineer Hangouts

The IET has teamed up with a number of engineering organisations to give your schools the opportunity to ask a whole range of questions to engineers from a wide variety of different backgrounds. 

We believe that the students will really engage with the different themes on offer and by getting a taste of what engineers do they may come away with a better appreciation of how important engineering is to so many careers in a range of different organisations/industries. 

The timetable for these events is shown below. 

Date Organisation School
Monday 17 November 2014 Imagination John Henry Newman School - Year 9
Friday 21 November 2014 Nestle The Da Vinci School - Year 11

The videos from these events are available for you to view below. We hope that these videos will inspire you to get in touch with any engineering organisation from around the world and organise a Skype call for your students to take part in to show them the diverse and exciting nature of engineering and technology jobs available in the UK and beyond. 

To apply to take part in the next IET Engineer Hangout at your school, get in touch

Imagination & John Henry Newman School 


Nestle & The Da Vinci School