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Careers packs

Career route map pack

The IET offers two different careers packs - one for post-16 students and the other aimed at teachers.

The post-16 careers pack is full of useful information about the routes to a wide range of engineering careers. It includes information not only on what university courses to choose, but the types of apprenticeships available. Not everyone's route into engineering is the same! Some routes may even surprise you. 

Inside this careers pack you will find:

  • Information about the IET Scholarships worth up to £3,000 per annum and how students can apply for these; 
  • 'So what is Engineering?' - a handy booklet created by Tomorrow's Engineers outlining the interesting and rewarding careers out there for your students;
  • Career route maps created by Tomorrow's Engineers specifically for each for the four devolved nations to reflect the different qualifications available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

Careers packs are therefore available in four versions - one for each four nations of the UK.   

The teacher's careers pack includes:

  • A series of postcards for students - one for each member of the class. The postcards feature modern examples of engineering and include discussion topics for learners based on current and future world challenges that engineers are tackling;
  • A2 classroom posters depicting routes into engineering, different types of engineering and graduate and apprentice case studies;
  • A5 leaflets describing the opportunities presented by the engineering sector, along with information about work experience and funding for degrees.

You can request copies of both of these careers packs for free. If you are not yet registered on the IET Faraday website do so now and request your careers packs today. Registration is free and it quickly gives you full access to the online order form and our downloadable online teaching resources. 

You can find pre-16 careers resources on the Tomorrow's Engineers website. 

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