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E&T Education magazine

Back issues: 2009-2012

  • E&T Education Spring 2012 cover E&T Education Spring 2012

    E&T Education Spring 2012  (14MB)

    Crime can pay: a report on how a group of ex-cops and forensic science experts are harnessing their skills to give students a real taste of science in action. Plus:

    •  The Millennium Mathematics Project
    •  Team work builds electronic xylophone
    •  Mining energy from hot granite
  • E&T Education Autumn 2011 cover E&T Education Autumn 2011

    E&T Education Autumn 2011  (12MB)

    Inspiring pupils with their own 'window on the universe': web access to the Bradford Robotic Telescope, based on the island of Tenerife, allows pupils to conduct their own astronomical investigations from school or home. Plus:

    • Reviewing the science curriculum
    • Teaching science using mobile sensing technology
    • A Nuffield pupil cracks public key cryptography
  • E&T Education Summer 2011 cover E&T Education Summer 2011

    E&T Education Summer 2011  (10MB)

    Two outstanding examples of school-based initiatives: at Sevenoaks School a week-long science festival culminates in a live link to the International Space Station, and the Abbey School explorers the teaching benefits of 3D projectors. Plus:

    • Physics teacher reports from Antarctica
    • The role of University Technical Colleges
    • Science-based theatre project for KS 3
  • E&T Education Spring 2011 cover E&T Education Spring 2011

    E&T Education Spring 2011  (8MB)

    Scottish education to the fore: two Nuffield bursary pupils assess the accuracy of an Orkney-based wave tank, and the role of the ‘Engineering the Future’ project in the Scottish secondary school curriculum. Plus:

    •  Teaching electronics in years 8 and 9
    •  Researchers in the classroom
    •  Pupils create science videos and podcasts
  • E&T Education Autumn 2010 cover E&T Education Autumn 2010

    E&T Education Autumn 2010  (9MB)

    A guide to Sustainable Futures, a Nuffield KS 3 project that challenges pupils to envisage a sustainable, post-oil, world, and getting the best from the IET’s Faraday Programme. Plus:

    • Boosting the take-up of Further Maths
    • Nuffield bursary pupil masters thin layer chromatography
    • KS 3 science at Hinchingbrooke School
  • E&T Education Spring 2010 cover E&T Education Spring 2010

    E&T Education Spring 2010  (7MB)

    The 2012 Olympics provide the inspiration for a PIC-based D&T project for year 9, while Siân Harris guides readers through the diverse examination options in GCSE science. Plus:

    • NXT robots enhance Systems and Control
    • Atlantic telegraph cable marks watershed in history of engineering
    • Job hunting advice for budding engineers
  • E&T Education Autumn 2009 cover E&T Education Autumn 2009

    E&T Education Autumn 2009  (11MB)

    Two school-based STEM initiatives: the Space Centre at Callington Community College, Cornwall and a ‘Meet the Engineer’ event at Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester. Plus:

    • An interview with Yvonne Baker, STEMNET chief executive
    • Nuffield bursary pupil hunts for neutrinos
    • Super computers and climate modelling
  • E&T Education Summer 2009 cover E&T Education Summer 2009

    E&T Education Summer 2009  (7MB)

    The launch issue of E&T Education, featuring a progress report on the Engineering Diploma and Chipping Sodbury School’s involvement in the Greenpower competition. Plus:

    • Measuring the speed of light
    • Early history of steam power
    • Hopes for the hydrogen economy
  • elec-education-spring-2009 cover Electronics Education Spring 2009

    Electronics Education Spring 2009  (8MB)

    An emphasis on electronics in D&T for the last issue under the Electronics Education label – harnessing a robotic buggy, the transforming power of PICs, and an electronic dice project. Plus:

    •  Generating energy from waves
    • Micromouse competition
    • Bloodhound SSC and STEM