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Faraday mini-season

3D printing technology coming soon to a Faraday Challenge Day near you!

 Cyclists racing in Le Tour de FranceThe Faraday Challenge Days are one day activities, designed for six teams of six students aged 12-13 years, delivered in your school by the IET. They give students the opportunity to research, design and build prototype solutions to genuinely tough engineering problems.

In 2014 the Tour De France will have three of its early stages in the UK’s Yorkshire and East of England. It is the world’s largest annual sporting event, with a good number of schools lying close to the route.

The IET Education programme will be running an IET Faraday Challenge Day mini-season in the Yorkshire region, inspired by the Tour de France Grand Départ. The mini-season will be made up of 18 dates taking place from 3rd June until 16th July 2014. The Challenge from the mini-season will then go on to form the basis of the main IET Faraday season that will happen in schools and universities across the UK during the 2014/15 academic year. Cycle Yorkshire logo 

Whilst the IET try to avoid revealing the nature of the Challenge prior to the start of each event what can be said is that the students will be modelling and printing using 3D design software and 3D printers as well as designing electronic components. The whole exercise will give the students insight into the roles and responsibilities of an engineering team as they not only try to create their prototypes but then justify their ideas, costs and implementation plans to the judges.   
 3D printed objects and 3D printer

To ensure that everyone is able to compete fairly by having the same resources available to them, the contractors will be taking all the necessary equipment with them to each school. The 3D printers have been generously loaned by Denford Ltd of Brighouse, with whom the IET already collaborate on the F1 and 4x4 In Schools Challenges; and the 3D design software has been provided by Autodesk. 



Check our calendar to see if your school is taking part. 

Mini season calendar with all dates


Winning teams from each of the mini-season dates will receive vouchers for a 1 hour taster session, including bike and helmet hire, at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.

Team Selection Activity

If your school is taking part in the mini-season, why not use our Team Selection Activity as part of your selection process for students to win a position on your school's team? Remember, only 6 students can make it onto the team, and it's not just about who is the strongest in each subject area, but who is creative and able to think outside of the box.

CREST Discovery Award

By taking part in a mini-season Challenge Day, your students will be eligible to receive a CREST Discovery Award from the British Science Association. CREST Discovery recognises quality STEM project work that is done over a short period of time (usually a day). It focuses on fun, teamwork and transferable skills, whilst putting projects into a real-world context. Students will need to complete a CREST Discovery passport explaining how they have completed the tasks during the Challenge Day and worked together as a team. Further details and payment can be organised through your local CREST coordinator.   CREST logo  

More information about the CREST Awards

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Good luck to all teams taking part!